UAB “HIGA” is a Lithuanian-owned company established in 2006.UAB “HIGA” is a subsidiary company of UAB “Gairana”, which is one of the biggest specialized retailers in Lithuania, which distributes various water supply and drainage systems components, both wholesale and retail. UAB “HIGA” is recognized as compliant with the quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015.

 UAB “HIGA” Company motto: “If you want a secure future, build it now.”

The company's scope of activity include:


Mechanical metalworking:

Welding, Turning, Cutting, Gas & water pipe 1' D 33,7 ((33,7 (25) x 2,9 (3,2)) bending

Custom made components for water supply and drainage network systems:

Drainage outlet pipe production (DN100 – DN1000), PE segment elbow fittings (up to DN315), PE welding

Drainage pipe filter covering and wrapping:

Rolled pipe, Solid pipe

Geotextile roll cutting:

Geotextile roll cutting up to DN630, in custom length

Plastic pipe cutting:

Plastic pipe cutting up to DN 630, in custom length

Fire hydrant equipment failure detection:

Failure detection for all types of fire hydrants, including aboveground and underground hydrants.


IX-ojo Forto str. 37
Kaunas LT-48100
Company code 300098314
VAT code LT100002229015

Ruslanas Pocius
Egidijus Kvietinskas
Darius Rinkevičius
Kristina Kriauzė